told ya so…but…

…I’m not too proud to admit that I had nothing to do with that win.

Well, not 100%, and not in my usual way.  I mean, I put it out there, but it was kind of a no-brainer.  Beckett?  Followed by Papelbon?  I can only shake my head and shrug my shoulders.  It’s like facing Don Vito followed by a serving of Michael Corleone.
On a side note, I was at a pub on 9th Avenue tonight, and the Yankees were losing to [read: being SPANKED by] the Orioles, and it dawned on me…the Yankees lost to Kansas City —
I need to interrupt myself for a sec.  I don’t know if anyone saw those games, but I have a theory that Kansas City’s Public Works Department adds not only fluoride but Lorazepam to its public water source, which can be the ONLY sane reason for the vapid crowd on OPENING DAY. OPENING DAY AGAINST THE YANKEES and the ROYALS BEAT THE YANKEES and the decibel count in the stadium rivaled a Protestant wake of some thin-lipped accountant.  What’s wrong with those people?
— OK, so, the Yankees lost to Kansas City, and the Yankees lost to Baltimore tonight, but the Yankees and Boston tied their little series in New York?  Just doesn’t add up.  It smells like 1919.  I’m not accusing…I’m just saying.
Back to my story…I’d like to give props to Manny who kinda/sorta made up for his lame effort on Wednesday night.  Know what?  I need to vent about that for a minute.
It’s not that I don’t appreciate his batting – BECAUSE I DO!!! – especially when it’s 2 HR in as many at-bats (and OH! how I was jonesing for a third…but i do tend to chase the dragon).  However, he’s in LF and and standing where some greats have stood (some whom I’ve had the privilege to worship) so if for no other reason than to honor those men he should at least RUN to the ball rather than trot, stopping off for a Fenway Frank along the way.
Maybe Manny needs a gentle reminder that baseball is a complicated sport – it’s not only about hitting, but running, catching, and throwing, too.  And there’s this pesky little rule that once a ball hits the ground it’s in play and the sooner he gets to the ball the sooner he can throw it and maybe possibly if the stars are aligned and fortune smiles in his direction he can minimize the damage – say to stop a player at first, or even prevent a runner from scoring.  It’s possible he’s forgotten.  He probably has a lot on his mind, like if he remembered to put relish on his Fenway Frank.
But after two HRs in as many at-bats (off Mussina, after all) all I wanna do is rub his belly and give him a big Mimi-hug and high five him for smacking 2 outta Yankee Stadium (the REAL Yankee Stadium) off Mussina, after all.
So, while I appreciate the win, and while I enjoy the ceremony of baseball, sometimes the win that makes my head tilt doesn’t make me jump and play and do those fun and silly Mimi things and that’s how I feel at the end of a 50-50 split at the end of a 2 game series with the Yankees.

i know it’s early in the season, but…


I live in Manhattan, but my heart is on Lansdowne Street.

Look, I risked my LIFE last night dressed in FULL SOX GARB at a sports bar in Hell’s Kitchen.  The least they could do is LISTEN TO ME as I scream at the flat screen while periodically ducking to avoid the steady flow of Budweiser cans and continuous assault of creative expletives from beefy men who just barely missed the cut at an open call for the “Soprano’s.”  After all, I’ve been coaching these guys since I was 12 – without pay, I might add.

And who is this ridiculous relief pitcher with all the A’s in his name?  “Aardvark?”  Dump him.  I can tell you the exact moment he lost the game…Jeter was on first, Bobby Abreu was at bat, and “Aardvark” kept looking over his shoulder at Jeter when he SHOULD have been focused on the batter (who NAILED the pitch, by the way – DUH).  Jeter’s not a base stealer, and he was coming of the injured list.  He was not the threat, and by taking his focus off Abreu, “Aardvark” threw a series of the most hittable balls I’ve ever seen.  To his defense, they should have been on the mound calming him down as soon as Jeter made it to first.

That’s my rant for the day.  This morning when I woke up, I immediately put on my lucky Sox hat and B shirt.  Clearly, I need to start my Voo Doo earlier in the day.  Although, I might not be able to take credit for tonight’s win (and they will win) since it’s Beckett on the mound.